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The instructors at Doshikai have all achieved their rank from the All United States Kendo Federation and have been members of Doshikai from 5-10 years. Most have extensive martial arts training in other forms of Budo such as karate-do, aikido, kung fu, etc. One of the things you will soon realize is how each of the instructors at Doshikai work with new students to make them feel comfortable and excel quickly. The attention to detail in each technique and the emphasis on etiquette is one of the most important exercises that the instructors will work on with you. You will also find that they are very knowledgeable in Japanese Swordsmanship history, etc.

Mr. Barry Poitras - Iaido Godan (5th Degree Black Belt), Kendo Godan (5th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Poitras began his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate-do in 1980. He began Kendo and Iaido in 1989 with the Boston Kendo Dojo. He currently holds the rank of Godan (5th Dan) in Kendo and Godan (5th Dan) in Iaido, as well as Sandan (3rd Dan) in Karate-do.

Mr. Gordon Fisher - Iaido Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Fisher began studying the arts of Okinawan Karate-do in 1973. He came from a military family that taught him that the ways of the warrior were practiced for the protection of the family and the community, not for trophies that collect dust. In 1984 he received his teaching license in Niten Shinto Ryu Karate-do and opened his own dojo. In 1989 he began studying Classical Bujutsu. That year Fisher Sensei also developed a cable TV show that illustrated the art and practical techniques of Karate-do for the general public. It ran for two seasons. In 1997 Sensei began studying Iaido and Kendo at the Doshikai in Acton, MA. He received his Shodan from the All United States Kendo Federation for Iaido in 2001, the rank of Nidan in 2003, the rank of Sandan in 2005, and the rank of Yondan in 2008. He teaches Iaido and Bujutsu in Acton, Leominster, and on FATV cable television.

Mr. Chad Cook- Iaido Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Cook has been studying Iaido since 2000 at the Doshikai Kendo and Iaido dojo in Acton, MA, and currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt) in Iaido through the All US Kendo Federation.

Mr. Marty Kale - Iaido Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Marty Kale began his martial arts training in karate in 1985. He is currently ranked sandan in Iaido, rokudan in Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu karate-do, godan in Tenzan karate-do and yondan in Okinawan kobudo.

Mr. Corwyn Miyagishima - Iaido Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Corwyn Miyagishima began studying Iaido in 2008. He is currently ranked Sandan in Iaido.

Mr. Gerry Tanguay - Iaido Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Gerry Tanguay began studying Kenpo Karate in 1990. He is currently ranked nidan in Iaido, Yondan in Kenpo and Yondan in Jujutsu.

Mr. Celso O'Donnell - Kendo Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Celso O'Donnell began studying Kendo and Kenjutsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2001. He joined Doshikai in 2007 where he instructs Kendo and studies Iaido. He is currently ranked Nidan in Kendo.

Member of the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF)

For more information, please contact info@doshikai.org